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BodySport Yoga Wheel

BodySport Yoga Wheel

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Elevate your yoga practice with the BodySport Yoga Wheel — the ultimate tool for unlocking a deeper stretch, improving flexibility, and invigorating your workout!

Key Features:

Premium Comfort: Luxurious TPE foam padding provides ultimate support and comfort, ensuring a plush feel without worries of trapped odors during exercise.

Secure Grip: Stretch with confidence using the anti-slip tread pattern for a reliable grip, ensuring stability and safety in every yoga session.

Suitable for All Levels: From beginners to seasoned yogis, this deluxe yoga wheel is designed to cater to all skill levels, promoting inclusivity in your practice.

Stretch and Relax: Unlock your body's full potential by stretching and relaxing key areas such as the back, shoulders, spine, hips, chest, and abdomen. Experience freedom of movement and tension release.

Durability and Impact Resistance: The yoga wheel features an impact-resistant ABS inner tube, providing durability and reliability for a confident and supported practice.

Dimensions: 5 in. (wide) x 12.6 in. (diameter)

Improve your stretches, challenge your core, and strengthen muscles and joints with the BodySport Yoga Wheel — your key to a more invigorating and fulfilling yoga experience!

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