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BodySport Twist & Flex Bar

BodySport Twist & Flex Bar

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Elevate your strength game with the BodySport Twist and Flex Bar — your ultimate secret weapon for conquering discomfort and building peak performance!

Key Features:

Unleash Your Strength: A portable powerhouse crafted with dry natural rubber to banish forearm and elbow discomfort, taking your strength to new heights.

Perfect for Tennis & Golfers: Effectively addresses tennis elbow and golfer's elbow issues, enhancing grip strength, and boosting overall arm and shoulder power.

All-in-One Workout Tool: Versatile companion for twisting, oscillating, and bending exercises, supported by outer ridges for a firm grip, eliminating muscle discomfort and weakness.

Color-Coded Progression: Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, offering four vibrant color-coded resistance levels: yellow (7 lb. - extra light), red (11 lb. - light), green (15 lb. - medium), or blue (24 lb. - heavy).

Experience the BodySport Twist and Flex Bar — your key to strength, versatility, and peak performance!

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