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TriggerPoint Performance Kit

TriggerPoint Performance Kit

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Revolutionize Your Wellness with the Ultimate Deep-Tissue Massage Kit!

Unmatched Relief for Every Inch: Our kit features six cutting-edge massage tools, from the TriggerPoint FootBaller™ to the QuadBaller™, providing targeted relief for all muscle groups. Say goodbye to tightness and embrace a new level of wellness!

Elevate Your Massage Game: The TriggerPoint Baller Block™ and TP2 Ball Sleeve take deep tissue compression to the next level, ensuring comprehensive relief for your lower legs and back.

Break Free from Knots and Tension: The two MB1® Massage Balls are your secret weapon against painful knots, offering targeted compression to melt away tension and revitalize your entire body.

Master the Art of Self-Massage: No guesswork! Our kit includes step-by-step instructions for twelve body areas, empowering you to confidently master effective self-massage techniques and enhance your overall well-being.

Revitalize your self-care routine, achieve peak performance, and bid farewell to muscle tightness with our Ultimate Deep-Tissue Massage Kit!

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