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TriggerPoint MB1 Massage Ball

TriggerPoint MB1 Massage Ball

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MB1 Massage Ball: Your Pocket-Sized Pain Relief Partner!

Targeted Relief, Anywhere: The MB1 targets tension in small muscles like calves and pecs, ensuring on-the-go pain relief and improved flexibility.

Boosted Movement and Performance: Patented layered construction stimulates blood flow, enhancing oxygen delivery for improved movement, increased range of motion, and superior performance.

Professional-Grade Massage: The unique EVA foam surface provides optimal tissue grip, mimicking the hands of a skilled therapist for an effective and satisfying massage experience.

Hygienic & Hassle-Free: Easy-to-clean foam surface ensures a hygienic option for regular use, maintaining a seamless and sanitary recovery routine.

Portable & Lightweight: Weighing just 1.2 ounces and measuring 2.6 inches, the MB1 is your lightweight, portable massage therapist, ready to empower you with pain relief wherever life takes you.

Experience the healing power of the MB1 Massage Ball—your personal masseuse, always at your fingertips!

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