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Premier Hand Wraps

Premier Hand Wraps

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Unlock Your True Boxing Potential

Wrap your hands like a pro and experience unbeatable comfort and protection with Revgear Pro Elastic Hand Wraps. Sold in pairs and designed to elevate your boxing game, these hand wraps are an essential addition to every fighter's arsenal. Step into the ring with confidence - get your pair now!

Ultimate Joint Support: Crafted with 100% durable stretch elastic, these 1.5" boxing hand wraps provide unbeatable joint support, preventing bruises, breaks, and collapses during intense training sessions.

Easy Application: Featuring a convenient hook and loop closure and a special thumb loop with a "This Side Down" label, these hand wraps are a breeze to put on and take off, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Colors for Champions: Choose from a wide array of colors, including black, lime, and purple, to match your personal style and stand out in the ring.

Machine-Washable: Worried about cleaning? Don't be! Simply toss these hand wraps in the washer and dryer along with your workout clothes for easy maintenance.

A Fist of Power: When properly wrapped, your hand will tighten into a solid fist, giving you the confidence to unleash your full punching potential.

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