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TriggerPoint GRID VIBE Plus: Next-Level Recovery at Your Fingertips!

Intense Vibration Therapy: Say goodbye to muscle tension with the GRID VIBE Plus, offering four vibration frequencies (25Hz, 40Hz, 55Hz, and 65Hz) for personalized, targeted relief.

Enhanced Effectiveness: The signature GRID multi-density surface promotes optimal blood and oxygen flow to muscles, maximizing the overall impact of your workout.

Precise Targeting: With a 3.5-inch diameter, the VIBE Plus penetrates deep into muscle layers, providing precise and targeted therapy for faster relief.

Compact & Portable: Measuring 12 x 3.5 inches and weighing 2.5 pounds, this vibrating roller is your on-the-go recovery essential, ensuring relief whenever and wherever you need it.

Extended Sessions: The rechargeable battery offers up to two hours of power, supporting extended recovery sessions for a comprehensive and satisfying experience.

Take control of your recovery journey with the GRID VIBE Plus - where targeted therapy meets portability and power!

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