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BodySport Foam Yoga Block

BodySport Foam Yoga Block

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Elevate your yoga practice with BodySport Foam Yoga Blocks — your key to achieving the best poses!

Key Features:

Deeper Stretches: Supportive blocks for deeper stretches, helping you reach new levels of flexibility.

Scratch-Proof & Comfortable: Durable, scratch-proof exterior with beveled edges for added comfort during yoga sessions.

Proper Positioning: Aids in achieving and maintaining proper positioning for optimal alignment and practice progression.

Stability & Height: Modify poses, improve balance — suitable for all levels of practitioners.

Lightweight & Durable: High-density foam construction for easy transport and durability to withstand your yoga demands.

Size: 4" x 6" x 9" *Sold individually.

Achieve your yoga goals with BodySport Foam Yoga Blocks — your perfect fitness companion!

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