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BodySport Steel Mace

BodySport Steel Mace

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Revolutionize your workouts with BodySport 100% Steel Maces — the ultimate tool for building core and rotational strength!

Key Features:

Imbalanced Power for Max Results: The ball-end weight creates exhilarating imbalance, engaging stabilizer muscles for unparalleled strength gains.

Uncompromising Steel Quality: Crafted with 100% steel for durability, ensuring these maces withstand the toughest workouts.

No-Slip Grip: Knurled grip handle provides a secure hold during intense moves, allowing you to dominate your workouts with confidence.

Rugged and Ready: Black matte powder coat adds sleekness and enhances durability, keeping your mace in pristine condition.

Weights for Every Warrior: Choose from 7 lbs. to 25 lbs., allowing gradual progression and building strength at your own pace.

Experience the power of BodySport 100% Steel Maces — sculpt a stronger, more powerful you. 


7-lb mace: 31˝ long, 4˝ diameter ball
10-lb mace: 41˝ long, 4.3˝ diameter ball
15-lb mace: 41.3˝ long, 5˝ diameter ball
20-lb mace: 41.7˝ long, 5.5˝ diameter ball
25-lb mace: 42.5˝ long, 6˝ diameter ball

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