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TRX Soft Plyo Box

TRX Soft Plyo Box

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Conquer Fitness Goals Safely with TRX Soft Plyo Boxes!

Safety Meets Performance: Crafted with a firm and durable foam core, these boxes prioritize your safety by providing a soft landing surface for your knees and shins, ensuring confidence in every jump.

Versatility at Its Finest: Elevate your plyometric training with heights ranging from 6 to 18 inches. Perfect for explosive box jumps, step-ups, and offering crucial support for upper back and shoulder exercises like glute drives.

Customizable and Secure: Stack and secure with Velcro® tabs to create a personalized training setup. No slipping, no distractions – just focus on pushing your limits with confidence.

Superior Quality and Durability: Covered with heavy-duty, slip-resistant vinyl, TRX Soft Plyo Boxes are easy to clean and built to last, making them your trusted companion for countless workouts.

Elevate Your Performance: Boost your vertical jump, enhance agility, and develop explosive power. From beginners to seasoned pros, these plyo boxes are the ultimate tool for athletes of all levels.

Unleash your inner athlete, elevate your performance, and make each jump count with TRX Soft Plyo Boxes!

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