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BodySport Interlocking Floor Tiles

BodySport Interlocking Floor Tiles

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Transform your space into a fortress of protection with BodySport Interlocking Floor Tiles — your key to unrivaled floor protection and enhanced safety!

Key Features:

Unrivaled Floor Protection: Shields floors from heavy equipment wear, nicks, scratches, and daily wear and tear.

Enhanced Safety: Secure traction reduces slips and falls, ensuring a stable workout space for confident fitness sessions.

Effortless Installation: Seamless ½-inch thick mats fit together easily for a simple pattern, saving you time and effort.

Quality Made for Longevity: Lightweight, durable EVA material withstands intense workouts for long-lasting performance.

Versatile and Complete Set: Each set includes 6 tiles and 12 border pieces, offering versatility in arranging your floor layout — 24" x 24" size for ample coverage.

Elevate your workout space with BodySport Interlocking Floor Tiles — quality, durability, and safety in every piece!

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